The 5G Chakravyuh and India’s strategy (E)

Negotiating & Deciphering the 5G global Mahabharat is very important for India. We live in a highly connected world, today mobile telephony and smart phones are omni present with more than a billion of these devices helping digital India. New Delhi first heard about 2G or second generation mobiles now it is slowly inching to 5G or fifth generation mobile technology and beyond. The mainstay for India today is 4G technologies and there is much debate on how 5G should unfold. Till 4G India was mainly relying on overseas standards and imported technology. Now with the advent of 5G, Indian scientists and engineers muscled their way into helping set some of the standards by way of 5G-I or 5G-India standards. How will 5G help India as it is customised for western world, how will it be tweaked to suit India’s vast rural hinterland? Will 5G really transform `digital India’ will it help usher in the revolution of `Internet of Things’ or is it really hype? Where is India’s industry in all of this, today it is mostly the academic institutions that are spearheading the development of 5G in India. What are the security concerns about 5G network technology, do we really need to worry so much or is it that USA and the European industry is worried about China’s technological dominance. Also a close look at the 5G test bed the one of a kind facility in India. Will the world listen to India on 5G?

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