Monsoon Magic (E)

Monsoons are the harbinger of life for India. India depends for most of its freshwater when it falls from the skies during the monsoon season. Despite over a century of recorded data forecasting, the monsoon has remained a big challenge. On this episode of `Life of Science with Pallava Bagla’ watch the `Monsoon Magic’ through the eyes of India’s `Monsoon Man’, Dr Madhavan Nair Rajeevan who has tracked monsoons for over three decades. Also, we take you on a visit to India’s supercomputing facility named `Mihir’, an inside look at the supercomputer. In addition, see the old Cray X-MP machine, the country’s first imported supercomputer and why an American used to sit 24x7 monitoring this old machine? Dr Rajeevan who is currently India’s Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences also reveals his umbilical connection with Chandrayaan-1 and its discovery of water molecules on the parched lunar surface. The monsoon has never failed India but climate change is affecting it!

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