Deciphering The Science Behind The Yoga (E)

"Deciphering the Science Behind Yoga Yoga is a holistic way of healing of the body and mind, while it is well known that India is the fountain head for yoga, but not much is understood by lay persons on how yoga heals and keeps the mind fit. There is a huge science behind yoga and one of the biggest votaries of Yoga in modern times has been Swami Baba Ramdev. In this episode, we look at yoga through the best known yoga icon of the 21 st century. Swami ji decks himself with modern scientific instruments to record in real time the changes that take place on his own body as he performs Yogic kriyas. We try to decipher how yoga heals the body and mind and does one have to be as adept as Swami Ramdev to reap the benefits? Does Yoga change the human physiology and increase good hormones and help in sleep? What are the types of Yoga and which is best for Indians? How are `asanas and pranayams’ different and how do they help? A rare look at understanding the science behind Yoga with Swami Ramdev himself explaining the complexities."

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