Monitoring Air Pollution (E)

Air pollution remains a source of many health problems for India, with New Delhi topping the global charts for poor Air Quality Index. Most of India breathes polluted air, says the World Health Organisation (WHO) and northern India gets its worst air quality in the winter months. One of India's leading air pollution experts, Dr Sagnik Dey - a scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi explains how does one monitor air pollution, what are its impacts on human health and the measures being taken to control it. Take a close look inside an automated high-tech pollution monitoring station, how a citizen’s science initiative can help monitor air pollution, and much more. Did the lockdown due to COVID-19 help in cleaning the air and did India get its best baseline values ever for clean air? Clean air is a fundamental right for healthy living. Watch to know how India is coming to grips with cleaning up the foul air.

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