More power to Women (E)

High Energy physicist Prof Rohini M. Godbole is a highly charged scientist known for her cutting edge work on theoretical particle physics. In this episode, she explains how excited she was at the discovery of Higgs Boson as she worked for extended periods at the facility in Geneva where it was discovered. Apart from her high-quality work, she is also a highly regarded voice who rightly asserts that more women are needed in science. She co-authored a well-known book `Lilavati’s Daughters’ which gives biographical sketches of several women scientists of India. She played a key role in designing the gender issues chapter of the new Science Technology and Innovation Policy that is being formulated. Dr Godbole asserts that India needs to participate in several mega-science projects as India can be a big gainer. An amazing communicator and role model for young Indian women scientists. We also explore why there has never been another science Nobel Laureate from India after Dr C V Raman and could the next science Nobel Laureate from India be a woman?

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