Ensuring Clean Water for India (E)

"Water and life go together. Almost seventy percent of Earth’s surface is water and almost the same proportion of the human body, is water. Water is an exceptional molecule; very simple in structure, but with complex life giving properties. On a bigger scale, is India water-rich or water-starved? India houses the `Third Pole’ of ice and has water on three sides of the peninsula, should we look at India as richly endowed with water. Despite all of this, fresh water is getting scarce simply because large parts are getting contaminated due to pollution. India is the land of rivers. The question of the hour is this: how can we clean up the rivers? Nano-technology offers solutions to clean up contaminated water. Moreover, large scale removal of arsenic and uranium is happening thanks to nano-technological inventions from Dr T Pradeep’s lab. Not only has Prof Pradeep published 500 research papers but has about 125 patents to his credit. He is truly the `clean water technology man of India!’. He has also helped spawn several start up’s including one that is helping tap fresh water from air and another that is using the modern technology of `Internet of Things’ to monitor water quality. What is the future of clean water for India, will the future generations get clean potable water?"

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