Restoring Degraded Urban Ecosystems (E)

As India urbanizes, the need to restore habitats to natural glory will only increase. Science can play a huge role in achieving this! Many urban ecosystems have been totally degraded and a scientific effort has been made by Prof C R Babu and his team to restore these urban ecosystems. The Yamuna Biodiversity Park is one living example where a thriving wetland ecosystem has been created on the banks of the River Yamuna in Delhi. The Aravali Biodiversity Park in South Delhi is another living example of a habitat being restored from thoroughly degraded, over-silted and mined landscapes. Thanks to scientific intervention using sound ecological principles, near-pristine habitats are being created in the midst of the megacity of New Delhi. These natural ecosystems provide crores and crores of Rupees worth of ecosystem services that help clean the urban environment.

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