Let's Keep India Mentally Fit! (E)

Come let’s take a walk inside a mental health hospital to understand the most complex of human organs - the brain. Life in the 21st century has become very fast-paced and at times it leads to many mental health challenges especially. What is the tenuous link between brain, mind and consciousness? Can suicides be prevented and are there markers as to who could be prone? Is the use of social media and smartphones leading to more loneliness? Will Covid-19 affect the mental wellbeing of Indians tremendously? Dr Nimesh Desai, India’s well-known psychiatrist and the Director of the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Science (IHBAS), New Delhi, believes Indians cope with post-traumatic stress better. Watch this episode where he talks about this and many other aspects of treatment for the better mental wellbeing of the population. A rare inside look at a modern mental health hospital, which presents a very different picture from what we see in the cinema. Also, Dr Desai speaks of films and their influence on societal change and even sings a famous Bollywood tune for us!

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