India's Corona Vaccine Portfolio (E)

All your answers to the big question how soon will India get a vaccine against Covid-19? India currently has about 30 candidate vaccines of its own of which almost half a dozen have reached human clinical trials. To give an overview of the Covid-19 vaccine landscape we speak to Dr Renu Swarup, a geneticist also part of the Prime Minister’s inner circle on vaccine. A look at the work being done at India’s premier lab the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi where Dr Amulya K. Panda explains about the work on protein immuno-engineering. Learn how the Indian R&D system responded to telescope years into months for vaccine development. Have we tested these new vaccines enough? Are the new platforms of M-RNA and DNA vaccines safe? Dr Swarup says she will herself take the Indian made vaccine when it is approved. A deep dive into immunology, with hope on the horizon!"

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