Indian Heritage in Digital Space (E)

Have you visited the Shri Vijaya Vitthala Temple in the Hampi Heritage site, Karnataka? Here, religious ceremonies and celebrations were held on the grandest scale, with music played on stone pillars that would echo around the complex. Almost every surface of this temple is carved with intricate engravings depicting travellers and traders from distant lands, princes and princesses, horses and elephants. By the use of 3D modelling of the Vittala Temple, let’s re-visit it in detail. Using the scriptures and historical records, this production team has recreated a much larger, grander model of the temple grounds in virtual space. So, how do we get from ancient scriptures to digital reconstructions? Let us understand the science of restoration of our monuments deeper. Watch this programme where our engineers, scholars and historians, along with CAD experts discuss ancient architecture, scriptural implications and designs.

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