My Pahadi Dukan (E)

With its towering peaks, majestic landscapes, rich biodiversity and cultural heritage, the Indian Himalayan Region has an abundance of natural resources. Herbs, Fruits, Tea, Himalayan Salt, the list is endless. But there always has been a problem for a small and medium producer to sell their products across India. Understanding this issue, Himanshu and his team have developed an e-commerce platform My Pahadi Dukan for all these budding entrepreneurs to connect with people throughout the length and breadth of the nation. This helps our eco-conscious buyers get high-quality products at affordable prices. And the absence of intermediaries increases sellers’ income. Funded By IIT Mandi Catalyst Program, Department of Science and Technology The government of India, My Pahadi Dukan is building a more sustainable and efficient bridge between Himalayan producers and the rest of the country.