Anti-Microbial Air Purifier (E)

The contagious Covid-19 is still not over yet. From time to time, the virus mutates into new variants, posing a challenge for health experts and scientists. The vaccines to combat the menace are being inoculated to the people, but the day is still awaited when the world will be completely Covid-19 free. With the mission of delivering the cleanest and healthiest air and protecting users from the dangers of unseen viruses, Ravi Kaushik and his team at AiRTH have developed the technology, which not only purifies the air but destroys germs, ensuring complete protection. Having been tested at CSIR-IMTECH, it has proven to deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus with an efficacy of 99.9% within just 1 minute. Funded by the Department of Science and technology under Nidhi Prayas Scheme, AiRTH has developed this technology with IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay and the Indian Institute of Science.