Innovative Waterless Personal Care Products

We live in a country where water is in short supply, so people cannot always access basic necessities like hygiene. This inspired Puneet Gupta, Founder & CEO of Clensta, to create a line of waterless personal hygiene products in order to make personal hygiene available to everyone, everywhere leading to the idea of Clensta. Clensta has a unique collaboration with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and is funded by the Department of Science and Technology NIDHI Scheme. Clensta has developed a waterless body bath and shampoo that can be used by defence personnel, patients, elderlies, and adventure enthusiasts to take baths without water while maintaining proper hygiene. Clensta has now developed a comprehensive range of products, all of which follow the principle of the better way, in that they provide alternatives that can improve a consumer’s life.