Meet Portable Spandan ECG Device (E)

According to a WHO report in 2016, 17.9 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Many people lose their lives due to heart attacks because of non-availability of monitoring equipment, no routine monitoring, lack of routine heart check-ups, and no early diagnosis. Using an ECG for preliminary scanning of heart conditions is like using a thermometer to test for fever or checking your blood pressure when you are experiencing hypertension. Rajat Jain, an engineering graduate along with his four friends developed ‘Spandan’ – a matchbox-sized portable ECG device that can detect heart abnormalities at an early stage. Total Funding of ₹51 lakhs was provided by Department of Science and Technology through business incubators and NIDHI 4 COVID program. This funding helped in maturing of technology and guidance with field experts. This device not only detects heart ailments but also classifies 21 different kinds of heart abnormalities with the accuracy of 99.7 per cent in comparison to clinical diagnosis.