Transforming Lives Through Temperate Horticulture (E)

"Our country is gifted with extraordinary climatic zones and geographical regions. They truly represent unity in the diversity of geo-climatic features. Snow-laden Himalayas abound us with a sense of awe and sand dunes of Thar desert entertain us with wondrous mirages. Mountains, plains and peninsulas, all these together shape the marvellous lands of our motherland, called Bharat. In this special episode of Science for Self-Reliant India, we take a look at how Temperate Horticulture research is redefining the boundaries of the horticulture sector in India. We will travel to Jammu & Kashmir to look at some of the achievements of India’s leading research institutes in Temperate Horticulture, the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, and the Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture. We look at how these institutes are redefining temperate crop cultivation practices and thus contributing to India’s food and economic security. We also look at the research being undertaken to further improve the world-famous Kashmiri saffron for varieties that produce even better quality and higher yield - all these initiatives are helping increase farmers incomes - a crucial part of making India self-reliant. This, and lots more on Science for a Self Reliant India, only on INDIA SCIENCE. "

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