Survey of India (E)

Survey of India, Dehradun, The National Mapping Agency of the country under the Department of Science & Technology, is the oldest scientific department of the Government of India. It is a survey network built on scientific principles. Survey of India bears the responsibility of mapping every corner of the country. It has transformed mapping science from paper maps to digital maps and now advancing to enterprise GIS systems. Established in 1767 and after 250 years of existence Survey of India is more relevant today. Be it any developmental activity or issue of national security, precise maps are required and in the role of the nation’s Principle Mapping Agency, Survey of India bears this special responsibility of developing precise maps. Survey of India played crucial role in Nation Building just after independence, by providing accurate framework of coordinates and maps which could form the basis for various projects we see today such as Bhakhara Dam, Bhilai Steel Project, Nagarjuna Sagar Project, Narmada Project etc. Survey of India is credited with the identification of world highest peak of the Earth which we know as Mount Everest proudly standing in the Himalayas. The bequest of over 250 years is the Great Indian Arc of the meridian. It was the biggest scientific project ever undertaken. It was the longest measurement of the earth’s surface ever to have been attempted. At present Survey of India is undergoing a transformation phase for providing products and services in tune with the advancements in technology, mapping techniques and Standards according to user requirements.

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