Scientific Intervention For Coastal Protection (E)-New

The impact of global climate change on the coastal environment is of serious concern to India. The coastline of India and its many islands stretches over 7500 kilometers. These coastal regions are not only home to some 17 crore people but innumerable floral, fauna, and unique oceanic ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots. But India’s coastline is now highly vulnerable as a result of climate change and sea-level rise. It's estimated that we have lost some 235 sq kilometers to erosion in the last few decades. In this episode of Science for a Self Reliant India, we bring you two unique initiatives by the Department of Environment of Tamil Nadu, Government, and the Department of Ocean Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras who are leveraging science and technology to protect India’s coastline and Islands. The first of these is along the coastline - north of Chennai - where considerable land has been lost to the sea.

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