Science This Year: 2021 | India Science Year-Ender

#Science2021 #JamesWebbTelescope #ISRO" Two India Science Musketeers take a walk through space, reach Mars and come back to the Lavender fields of North India. Their path then takes them through dense forests, flooded lands and thundering hurricanes. Embark on this adventurous journey through time and space as they take you through the major scientific achievements of the year 2021, through the James Webb Telescope (or not). From reaching 100 Crore vaccinations and beyond to the successful launch of the PSLV-C51 which carried 19 other satellites - from taking an oath to reduce carbon emissions to growing new varieties of plants for the benefit of many and then from Grassroot innovations to major achievements across the globe, let's recap them all in this tremendous, breath-taking journey (Quite literally!).

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