Science & Technology of Yoga (E)

Industrial development worldwide is taking a toll. Diabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, heart disorders and the explosion of new age viruses and ailments are on the rise. Modern medicine usually treats the human body only, in contrast, yoga, over 5000-year-old an ancient discipline is a holistic system for the integrated development of our physical, mental, as well as spiritual aspects.   To foster the curative potentialities and the effects of yoga and meditation on physical & mental health and on our cognitive functioning, the dept. of science & technology under the ministry of science & technology initiated various scientific researches under its new program - Science and Technology of Yoga & Meditation popularly known as SATYAM, under its Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI). The film focuses on the findings of various studies being conducted in various institutes, across India, on the curative potentialities of yoga and meditation.

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