Saviours of Himalayan Greens: Indigenous Threatened Plants of Himalayan Region (E)

The Himalayan region, due to its unique geography and climate, is a rich repository of floral diversity. In the Himalayas, most of the people live in villages and use plants as medicine, edible/food, fodder, fuel, timber, agricultural tools and various other purposes. In fact, the heritage of medicinal plants is quite rich, with wide applications. However, this diversity is under the threat of extermination owing to the indiscriminate collection, poor regeneration process and meagre attempts to replenish the dwindling plant population. Of late, due to renewed interest in Ayurveda and other nature-based therapies including rising demand for herbal-based pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, over-harvesting and the exploitation of commercially important rare, endangered & threatened (RETs) species with medicinal properties is a matter of serious concern. Hence, systematic and scientific efforts are being made by scientific institutions to conserve and propagate this indigenous wealth for further use. This film gives the necessary information about the commercially important indigenous rare, endangered & threatened (RETs) species of plants in the Himalayan region and efforts made by CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR-IHBT) in preserving them.

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