Robotic Gallery (E)

The Robotics Gallery, Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad is being developed as an interactive gallery showcasing the frontiers of robotic technologies over an area of more than 11,512 sq.m which would provide a platform for the visitors to explore the ever-advancing field of robotics. It has been designed to have a massive robotic sculpture at its entrance and a self-driving car track at its perimeter, with the building levels dedicated to a range of different robotic exhibits having a myriad of functions. Designed to be a one-of-its kind human-robot interaction in a museum, the visitors to the Gallery will be welcomed and greeted by 2 (two) reception robots conceptualised as humanoid with social cognitive skills. This humanoid robot is expected to greet, welcome and introduce the visitors to the facility. It is also envisaged to engage in conversations with the visitors along with expressing emotions of joy, surprise and enthusiasm, instilling a feeling of “awe” to the visitors for interfacing with the forefronts of modern technology. Each floor in the gallery is dedicated to showcase the utility and applications of robots in different fields including medicine, agriculture, space, defence etc. The visitor would further be charmed by a synchronous dance performance by a group of specially trained robots backed by an orchestra of robots playing the trumpet, drums and the piano. The Robotic experience is not complete until the visitors satiate their hunger at the robo-café, which would offer freshly cooked food by a robotic chef and served by a robot-waiters.

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