Promo: Nutraceuticals: New Age Avatar of Herbal Remedies (E)

Health is supreme among all the attainments that human being cherish. You are happy or blessed if you have good health and a fit body. During the ancient period, Indian sages prescribed many pathways to keep the body and mind in a healthy state. Intake of food having nutritional and medicinal properties was the most common recommendation. Acharya Charak in his monumental treatise ‘Charak Samhita’ said…… ‘The diet which besides providing the basic nutrition to the body, helps to maintain the healthy state of the body and prevents the occurrence of diseases should be consumed’. As such, people of India included herbs and herbal formulations as part of their daily food supplements. Our traditional art of healing, the Ayurveda, developed specific preventive protocols based on herbal food supplements. Concept of food as medicine evolved and rejuvenated itself as that of nutraceuticals in the modern age. Nutraceutical is a broad umbrella term for a variety of food products that have extra medicinal benefits over and above their nutritional value. These are generally derived from herbal resources which have proven track record of medicinal properties. As an effective response, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR launched a national mission on ‘Nutraceuticals and Nutritionals’ with broad objectives. These products are developed using 100% natural ingredients, such as whole grains, millets, pulses, dehydrated fruits and nuts. Spirulina is added in the product in powder form. Products are kept free from chemical additives and preservatives. Among lifestyle disorders and diseases, cardio-vascular diseases are the major cause of death and disabilities worldwide, also in India. In nutrition-based preventive studies, Pomegranate seed extract and juice have shown protection against various cardio-vascular malfunctions. In nutrition-based preventive studies at CSIR IHBT Pomegranate peel seed extract and juice has shown protection against various cardio-vascular malfunctions. This is due to the presence of antioxidant polyphenolic compounds which have antioxidant properties. The pill of on regarded as waste in our also found rich in these polyphenolic compounds in scientific study done at IHBT.

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