Promo: Green Building - Need of The Hour (E)

The world is exhausting its natural resources at a rapid rate, with forest covers diminishing at a faster rate over growing urbanization. By 2030, India’s 68 cities will have a million-plus population and 590 million Indians will live in urban regions. Space is already a constraint in the cities and it is a necessity to build high rises. With the increasing population and the need for housing and modern facilities, urbanization is equally necessary. So how can urbanization happen with natural resources used in an optimum manner? Green Building Technology – is one of the answers to strike a balance between the need for urban growth and the best utilization of natural resources. A Green building is a building that has been built using mostly reusable materials and other eco-friendly materials, which make the building efficient and environmentally friendly. The Green building technology typically covers everything from geothermal heating to energy-efficient appliances, used for constructing and operating the building. The Technology is an environmentally-conscious construction and operation of a building structure. The Green Building Film explores the central idea of ‘Green Building Technology’ through interviews of experts like prominent architects, engineers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, building contractors, etc. who have been part of the ‘Green Building Technology’ Revolution in India. The Film explores the facts of how rapid urbanization, population migration, and economic growth are posing a threat to the natural environment and resources in Indian cities. For e.g., the alarming rate at which water is reducing in Indian cities and by 2030 over 21 cities may run out of groundwater and the fact that energy consumption in urban areas has increased by 700% in the last four decades. However, the need for development cannot be denied, and this is where the importance of sustainable development comes into picture. Green Building Construction is a significant solution to unsustainable growth. The Film explores the main components of a Green Building Construction like: - the sustainable design, - water conservation and use technique, - utilization of renewable energy resources and materials, - indoor environment quality, - its overall impact on urban life, - and India’s contribution in green building technology. The film also engages viewers as regards to awareness about the Green Building and its importance in their living. The common consumer can get the idea about asking relevant questions regarding sustainable living while purchasing a house. Living or working in a Green building may not appear to be any different than a conventional building. But the major benefits of a green building are the savings in power, water, construction and maintenance cost. Green buildings emit less carbon, produce less waste and create a healthy environment. India’s first green rated building in 2003 the CII –Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre Building in Hyderabad has been designed combining the traditional Indian design principles of sustainable architecture with the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED version 2) framework. Now in 2020 there are more than 10,000 green buildings registered across agencies in India and many are adopting aspects of green building technology. The film discusses the phenomenal growth of the green building market in India, which is set to be a $35-50 billion market by 2022, with over 10 billion sq ft area covered. It could mean that India can become a global leader in the field of green building technology.

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