Promo: Ease of Doing Science in New India - Life in Science with Pallava Bagla (E)

Can India become a scientific superpower? It has all the making of it & towards this goal India has released a draft of its new Science Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) which promises to change the way science and technology is practiced. The draft policy released for public consultation promises to place India among the top three scientific superpowers in the next decade. Explaining the nuances of this 63 page policy is Nanotechnologist Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology. It promises to do more people centric science and hopes to embrace traditional knowledge systems and promises to double the number of full time researchers and hopes to double expenditure on R&D every five years. The policy aims to make India more self-reliant in technology keeping in mind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call of having an atmanirbhar Bharat. Drafted during the Covid-19 pandemic it has all the stamp of how Indian scientists delivered big time to handle the Covid-19 crisis. It paves the way for doing science for the people, by the people for India’s welfare.

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