Promo: Carbon Technology (E)

The atmosphere acts like a glasshouse trapping the heat generated by the sun during the day, from escaping back into space during night. This work is done by greenhouse gases like carbon di oxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The sad part is, thanks to us, the amount of greenhouse gases is rapidly increasing, rendering the earth a little too hot for our own good resulting in global warming. There are 3 major ways by which decarbonisation or reduction of carbon can happen-Reducing demand for carbon intensive products and services, improving energy efficiency, employing decarbonisation technologies across all sectors. This deep decarbonization requires innovating technology. The irony is the solution for decarbonisation technology comes from Carbon itself. Why? because Carbon is a crucial element of our world and is found in almost everything that surrounds us. One of the prominent organizations in India working towards promoting overall growth of Carbon science and technology by developing the process technology of newer carbon products is the CSIR- National Physical Laboratory at New Delhi. NPL has made significant development in several areas. Let’s take a look at the different forms of Carbon such as Carbon Fiber, Carbon Polymer Composites, Carbon Carbon Composites, Carbon foam, High density graphite, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and Carbon Nanofiber. Well, in short, two-fold efforts are on to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. One, by using innovative carbon products in energy generation and transportation. Secondly capturing the carbon di oxide emitted and storing them deep in the earth, preventing them from aiding in global warming. Yes, humanity as a whole has become conscious of upsetting the carbon cycle balance and are striving to restore it to save planet earth. "

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