Powering a Revolution in Electrical and Communication Engineering - (E)

India unfolds a $10 billion semi-conductor Mission to make India a hardware super power since today it is hard to imagine a world without electricity and communications. The world is highly connected and a lot of India’s developments in electrical & communication engineering were pioneered or matured through the work and research done at the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE) at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru like signal processing, microelectronics and radio frequency and photonics. The Department is celebrating 75 years of its existence and in future seeks to work on issues like energy efficient networks, body area networks, high precision location and navigation, green communication and computing, organic electronics, cyber-physical interfaces, healthcare informatics, milli-meter wave systems imaging. What will communication be like beyond 5G? We also meet an illustrious alumnus of ECE Dr Alok Nath De, Chief Technology Officer, Samsung India, Bengaluru. In the connected and digital India that is unfolding the future is bright with the possibility of Internet of Things (IOT) becoming a reality. But only easy interface and user friendliness can usher in the revolution that is waiting to be unravel.

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