Nobel at 19: S Chandrasekhar (E)

Chandra’s fascinating life must fascinate viewers-weaved on this underlying thought this documentary delves very creatively through, every major milestone of his life. Beginning from birth it encapsulates the entire personal, professional, and scientific achievements of this all-time great Indian astrophysicist & mathematician. While targeting science students the film has amazing simplicity to appeal to even the common masses with very basic knowledge of science & a bit of attentiveness. Chandra was just 19 years old when he concluded with mathematical precision that the mass limit of the white dwarf can’t be more than 1.4 solar mass, for which he was later awarded the Nobel Prize. Today, this is known as the Chandrasekhar limit. To enhance viewers understanding the scientific part of the film defines virtually everything that is heeded to understand the Chandrasekhar limit. So it explains cosmic clouds, star formation, solar mass, nuclear fusion, elements formation, death of a star & finally white dwarf formation.

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