Mobile Apps are Transforming Agriculture (E)

Agriculture changed the way civilizations worked. The creation of food surplus helped us settle down in one place, put down roots and grow. In India, agriculture still provides employment to almost 60% of our population. Over the last few decades, India has pushed its agricultural production to not just be sufficient, but to export but as India’s population grows so will the demand for agricultural production in-fact by 2025, India is projected to generate a demand of 300 million tons of food grain. But is this enough for our farmers welfare? Are our farmers prosperous enough? Is this sector contributing enough to our economy? How can science push the limits to help our agricultural sector? In this episode of Science for a Self-Reliant India see how new-age digital platforms are being leveraged by the Government of India and the private sector to provide farmers with the latest information on new agriculture cropping techniques, government schemes, subsidies, weather - prices of goods – just to name a few. We take you into the National Informatics Center – the epicenter of Government of India’s flagship mission, Digital India, which just completed 6 years – here we explore the Kisan Suvidha App and Kisan Rath – both crucial digital platforms to empower the farmers of India and enhance their incomes. We also travel to Karnataka to see how a private company CropIN is helping farmers and agribusinesses improve per acre yield by using artificial intelligence tools. This and lots more so continue watching Science for a Self-Reliant India.

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