Milk Revolution of India

This is a story of Lakhs of Farmers, who are part of Independent India’s dairy farming revolution - born out of a cooperative movement in the 1940s - to fight hunger and malnutrition which plagued India and also to empower the farmers of India. This is a story of - Dr Varghese Kurein - Father of India’s White Revolution” also called the “Dudhwala of India” and the Architect of "Operation Flood". In this episode of Science for Self Reliant India - we travel to the heart of India’s Milk revolution to the city of Anand in Gujarat visit the Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union where AMUL Dairy was born - and became a model, replicated across India to bring fresh milk and products to crores of Indians. AMUL started with a few farmers in two village co-operative societies producing about 250 litres a day. Today it has some 37 lakh members and collects over 2.5 Crore litres of milk per day. In this special episodic series, we provide an exclusive report on the history of AMUL - how this cooperative is structured and how it leverages dairy science and technology to improve its products. We also explore the science behind the processing and manufacturing of Milk, Butter, Paneer, Cheese and even chocolates - This and much more on Science for a Self-reliant India - only on India Science.

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