MAP India (E)

"Maps are a snapshot in time and therefore provide a fascinating image of the past, both in terms of what was physically present on the ground, such as settlements and roads, and in terms of the philosophies of map-makers. Map India, the movie produced by India Science narrates the intriguing history of Map Making in India started from the British era to present days. The immersive audio-visual-story introduces the process of the Great trigonometric survey conducted by the cartographers in the mid-17th century to launch the map of Hindoostan. Since then, the esoteric process of map-making travelled a long distance. In modern days spatial data known as Digital-Map is playing a prominent role in every aspect of life. Almost all of us are using maps in our daily lives, one way or another. The digital-maps are not only connecting businesses and generating jobs. They are also providing Great insights to cope with internal and external security threats. And helping policymakers to take quick decision based on analysis of spatial-data sets in big-development projects. The movie establishes that GoI is leveraging this technology in almost all of its development ventures. Use of geospatial technologies/mapping is crucial in every sector like smart cities, skill development, digital India, startup India, make in India, Clean Ganga project, industrial infrastructure, energy and smart agriculture. Today when we all are getting the benefits of the science of map in our daily life. Spatial-Data or Digital Map is also proving its importance in fulfilling the concept of an advanced, better and safer society."

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