Leather and Footwear Technology (E)

The leather industry is one of the oldest in India and its contribution to the country’s economy is substantial enough to be discussed, as they are significant foreign exchange-earners and employment providers. Leather and footwear are co-related, they both compliment each other and that is the reason we have to understand the process of leather and subsequently the making of leather products. We are trying to understand the detailed process of leather processing and its impact on the environment. The innovations and methods introduced by our scientists to overcome water contamination and reduce the other effluents have resulted in considerable improvement. We are showcasing the entire process and how new technologies have helped, also depicting the detailed process of shoemaking with inputs of new technologies incorporated. The leather industry has grown from a negligible position to a respectable status today, secondly, it has become the source of mass employment, encouraging new entrepreneurs, creating skilled manpower and trained technicians. We are tracking the entire topics with the support of ground-level visuals from actual manufacturing units. Several scientific interventions have made it possible for a ‘traditional’ industry like the leather industry to increase its turnover from 70 crores in 1948 to 85000 crores and, the value of exports to more than 37,000 crores. We have walked a long journey from the old style of leather manufacturing to fully automated manufacturing technology; Today Indian leather industry receives respect and adulation for their quality and finesse. In fact, most of the colours for the future are created in Chennai with collaboration and cooperation from private industry. The process of modernisation is going on and with the support of our indigenous technologies, we can increase our share in the world market.The changes in leather technology have given a new direction to the leather industry. Today India has become self-sufficient in the region. See the story of development in leather technology only on India Science

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