Ksheer: Milk Adulteration Detector (E)

India is the largest producer of milk with over 150 million tones every year constituting about 15% of the world’s total milk production. Our thriving dairy industry worth 5000 billion rupees came under the scanner when FSSAI, the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India found out that 68% of the tested milk samples did not conform to the set standards of consumption. With milk being the quintessential necessity, it was a race against time for the scientists to come out with a milk quality checking device that was cheap and convenient. After multiple experiments and innumerable researches scientists from CSIR-CEERI developed the Ksheer Scanner and Ksheer Tester. These devices, Ksheer Scanner for commercial purpose and Ksheer Tester for household purpose can check for milk adulteration within a minute at a cost of 50 paise. The success of Ksheer Scanner is such that in alignment and consultation with the industry it has been developed to test for major adulterants like urea, salt, detergent, soap and soda. Watch this documentary to know more about the technology used and its various advantages!

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