Killing Cancer (E)

Hope, to kill the killer is the fascinating and important story of a new technology currently undergoing trials in India - a treatment methodology that could change the way Cancer is being currently treated. Cancer is a Killer. Raising its ugly head, a staggering disease burden on India. 15 lakh Indians are diagnosed with cancer each year, most in advanced stages. A death toll of 7,50,000 each year. Why and how do cancer cells evade all the checkpoints in the body? How do they hoodwink the Immune system and grow unchecked? Could the Immune system be trained to identify the enemy cancer cells and kill them inside the body? What was the unique signature that could help the immune system identify the cancer cells? What was it that the cancer cell had but the normal cell didn’t? Hope, to kill the killer presents a powerful story of a war being waged against cancer. The warriors are the Scientists, doctors and the patients themselves.

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