India's Push for Greener and Cleaner Fuel (E)

"The Government of India has a multipronged strategy to reduce imports by increasing indigenous production of biofuels in the Indian energy basket-like blending ethanol to petroleum by 20 % and biodiesel to diesel by 5 %. Multiple initiatives to increase indigenous production of biofuels have been taken up. We travel to Dehradun, Uttrakhand to visit the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Science for CSIR's Indian Institute of Petroleum for a first-hand look at the kind of research and innovations taking place in the Biofuel sector. In this episode of Science for a Self-Reliant India we take a close look at two crucial technologies from renewable and environmentally sustainable sources, for producing Biodiesel and the indigenously developed Bio-jet fuel process for aircraft. We also explore the technology developed and tested at IIP to generate helium gas - of which India is a net importer. It is also crucial for many manufacturing purposes and products. All these steps are part of the larger vision to strengthen India’s economy and create jobs by leveraging science and technology. "

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