Hydropower: Harnessing the power of Water - (E)

In the last few years, India has made remarkable progress in bringing electricity connections to crores of citizens. The infrastructure of electricity generation and transmission is also being augmented at a war footing as the demand for electricity in India is growing at a rapid pace. The International energy association in its recent report states that India's energy requirement will be the largest of any country in the world for the next 20 years. To meet this surge in electricity demand India has been focusing on renewable sources of energy that are cleaner to generate and more sustainable in the long run. The objective is to decrease our country's dependence on expensive fossil fuels which till today supply some 70 percent of all electricity in India. So in this episode of Science for a Self Reliant India - our Team travels to the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to bring you an exclusive report on India biggest hydroelectric project the Subhansiri Lower Hydroelectric project on the Subansiri river which flows down from the Himalayan mountains from Tibet into Arunachal Pradesh and then to Assam when it merges into the mighty Brahmaputra - this massive project with a total capacity of 2000 Megawatts will supply some 7421 Million Units of Electricity every year once it is fully operational. Subhanshri Hydroelectric project is being constructed and supervised by the National Hydropower Corporation and infrastructure contractors like Patel Engineering - NHPC is India’s largest Hydroelectric PSU with which is working to realise the Government of India’s mission of Atma nirbharta by working to achieve the target of building some 21000 megawatts of renewable electricity generation by 2030.

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