Future of Drones in India - (E)

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles have now been literally unleashed in India, from being highly regulated today the government of India policies are permitting the usage and deployment of drones for commercial activity. Earlier most of the applications were defence and security oriented. India’s armed forces are already using America, Israeli and some home-made drones. Recently the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) demonstrated how Covid-19 vaccines could be air lifted using drones. Drones come in many varieties quadcopters, helicopters, fixed wing long duration drones. Most people are familiar with China made drones which experts say could be violating privacy by sharing data with Chinese servers. Dynamatic Technologies Limited is a precision engineering company that makes parts for Tejas fighter jets and Chinook Helicopters. It has now made some quality drones like the `Patang – a long duration endurance drone’ for homeland security. It has also partnered with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) a world leader in drones to bolster their capacity. Dynamatic Tech is a leader in aerospace technologies and is helping the Indian defence establishment by making high precision surveillance drones. There are also drones that can help in farming through accurate and regulated spraying of fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals on farms. India can hope to embrace smart agriculture using drones to help farmers.