The Technology Development Board has emerged as the oldest promoter of first generation technopreneurs and proved to be a game changer in many crucial sectors such as Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, Chemicals& Fertilizers, Information Technology, Electric Mobility, Medical Devices, Agriculture& Technology Infusion, Energy and waste utilization, Defence and Aerospace, Cyber Security, Infrastructure and Textile technologies. TDB offers its support to various industries in order to give a right impetus to them to move towards self-reliant India, while at the same time providing a platform to the companies adapting to the high standards to compete globally. Our enormous population needs multiple Approach to improve holistically. Healthcare remains one of the biggest challenges of our times. Therefore, the Department of Science & Technology has thought of development to the last mile. Perhaps this is why focus is enormous on Technology Development Board, DST’s only statutory body that provides loans to high-risk businesses and fundamental science. The Technology Development Board with it’s chalice of abundant opportunities is infusing life in every elemental unit in the country to translate this very vision… Be it risk taking or overcoming challenges…The Technology Development Board synergizes, nurtures and fosters innovative technologies…to prosper into a glorious reality.

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