Indian Science Congress Association ‘ISCA’ has played a crucial and enhanced role, in bringing this scientific and technological potential upfront through its activities. The ISCA a premier scientific organization was established in 1914 with the objective of the advancement & promotion of science, organizing an annual science congress and bringing out journals, proceedings and related documents. ISCA is an integral part of the Department of Science and Technology. Many distinguished scientists have worked as the president of Indian science congress association and enriched the fulfilment of the objective of science popularization and advancement of science.ISCA has grown into a strong fraternity of more than 50,000 members who now participate in 14 different sections of the Congress. ISCA meets in the first week of January in an Annual Congressto discuss the latest advancements of science and their role for the upliftment of the society and nation.The Annual Indian Science Congress is inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India. And on this occasionseveral dignitaries grace the ceremony with their presence. The Nobel laureates also attend the Science Congress . Indian Science Congress has introduced several vibrant segments during its sessions. ISCA organizes Rashtriya Kishore Vaigyanik Sammelan during the Annual Science Congress. Project Exhibition is also organized during Children Science Congress. During the Children Science Congress, Meet the Scientist session is also organized where the participants get opportunity to interact with renowned scientists.Women Science Congress is also organized where leading women scientists from all over the country are invited for sharing their experiences of scientific research. Science Communicators’ Meet or Vigyan Sancharak Sammelan is organized with an objective of communicating the basic concept of science amongst the common people. Indian science congress also organises “Pride of India” Expoa Mega Science Exhibition which attracts huge attention of the visitors of Science Congress.A Novel Initiative of ISCA is the Vigyan Jyot: the Flame of Knowledge which motivates people to spread the light of science in the society.Since 1986-87 ISCA started Chapters in different parts of the country.These ISCA Chapters are actively engaged in a number of activities and programmes throughout the year. ISCA has instituted more than 40 Awards, Lectures and Fellowships to honour and encourage scientists in India. To encourage talented young scientists, ISCA has instituted a Young scientist Award Programme. From 2013, ISCA has also instituted Asutosh Mookerjee fellowship for senior scientists. ISCA brings out publications, journals and proceedings from time to time. Everyman’s Science is a very popular bi-monthly journal of the Association. Indian science congress association through its activities has expanded base and has transformed in a science movement in the country. It is marching ahead to serve the nation and humanity with the fruits of science.

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