DST - Bose Institute (E)

Basu Vigyan Mandir, better known as Bose Institute, was dedicated to the nation by Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose on his 60 Birthday, 30th November, 1917. Prof. Bose as a scientist, was way ahead of his time. He was considered as a father of radio and wireless communication. He was first to conceive the use of physical instruments for probing the properties of biological systems, especially plants. To perform novel experiments, he himself designed and fabricated many ingenious instruments. Bose Institute is regarded as the Asia’s first modern research centre devoted to interdisciplinary research.Its original multidisciplinary nature has been kept intact by continuing high-quality research in diverse areas, such as Physics and Biophysics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine and Microbiology, and Bio. Informatics, to name a few. It’s a recognized national pioneer in research on Astro particle physics cosmic rays, quantum physics and interdisciplinary physics. Bose Institute continuously evolved by adding new departments, new facilities and new campuses to accommodate expansion. Specified activities are spread over Various academic campuses and experimental field stations in West Bengal…The institute has conducted path-breaking research in the field of plant sciences, structural biology, molecular biology, bio-medical sciences and bio-technology. Dissemination of knowledge and development of competent human resources is a core activity of Bose Institute. Institute is conducting separate Master’s and doctoral programmes in various frontier areas of science. Scholars in Bose Institute got best facilities for learning and hands on experience in research. Knowledge generated in the Institute has created an impact on societal benefits and nation building. Bose Institute is truly and dedicatedly striving for the glory of India and welfare of the world. "

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