Coal: Backbone of India’s Energy Sector (E)

In the last few weeks, there has been a lot of focus on electricity generation. Can you imagine a world without electricity? It would not be wrong to say that without the generation and transmission of electricity the modern world as we know it would not exist. So what powers electricity in India? Well, a lot of sources from hydel to renewables but fossil fuels are the main sources. Coal and Coke generate 70 % of India’s daily energy requirement. In this episode of Science for a Self-Reliant India, the India Science team travels to the mineral-rich state of Jharkhand which has over 26 percent of India’s coal reserves – here we visit the Mini-Ratna - Central Coal Fields Limited which operates 63 mines across the region. CCL is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited and here, we visit two of India’s most significant coal mining areas Piparwar where we see the process and the technologies used in coal extraction in open cast mines and / importantly in what is an exclusive report for the India Science series our camera teams travel down an underground coal mine in the Churi area where new age technological tools such as the continuous coal cutting machines are running 24 x 7 to meet the demands of India’s energy sector.

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