Anna Mani (E)

Miss Anna Modayil Mani, fondly called Miss Mani, holds an illustrious place among the outstanding scientists of modern India. How does she make a difference to our lives? What is she remembered for? What kind of a person was she? How did she get where she did? Why do we owe her one? Miss Anna Mani laid a solid foundation for India in Weather Instruments that are employed for measuring and understanding weather systems. These instruments gather vital data from different layers of earth’s atmosphere and different geographical locations. The data thus gathered makes weather forecasts possible. Today, people across the entire socio-economic spectrum enjoy the benefits of weather forecasts. They help them take life-saving decisions, time-saving decisions and money-saving decisions. From Navy, Air-force and Army to Aviation to Marine transportation to farmers to fishermen to businesses across the industrial spectrum, the whole nation of over 120 Billion people in India directly or indirectly benefit from up-to-the-minute weather forecasts.

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