A Tiny Defence LabTurns Saviour - (E)

A hither too hidden jewel of a defence laboratory saves India during the peaks of Covid-19 pandemic. During the Covid-19 pandemic many defence technologies came in very handy. Very early in the pandemic when there was a grave shortage of ventilators it was technology developed by Defence Bioengineering and Electromedical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bengaluru that helped and an Indian industry Skanray to help India overcome the shortage. Working relentlessly through the extended lock downs, scientists at this tiny lab usually hidden away from the public worked tirelessly to give India the much needed solutions. The ventilator technology was mastered some two decades before the pandemic and it came handy. When there was a shortage of medical oxygen it was the oxygen generator developed for the Indian fighter plane Tejas which was modified to help hospitals. Subsequently when large scale medical oxygen plants were required it was liquid oxygen plants that were developed with components researched at DEBEL that came to India’s rescue. DRDO helped set up hundreds medical oxygen plants. Defence technologies saving lives.

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